APK - Updated on January 17, 2023

Zombie Squad is one of the runners, the peculiarity of which is that the action takes place in a world covered by a zombie apocalypse, and you will move in one of the cars presented in the game. You can fight off zombies with both large-caliber weapons and the van itself, knocking down all the walking dead in your path.

Zombie Squad  MOD APK (Latest Version) 1.29.1

Driving the car is incredibly simple: in the lower left corner are the left and right turn keys. The gas and brake button is missing. The first is because you are constantly eating forward, and the second is because stopping in this game will mean the death of your hero. On the opposite side of the screen, there is a firing button and an indicator of the number of rounds in the magazine. However, by collecting various bonuses, the situation may change slightly, for example, your speed will temporarily increase.

Acceleration will come in handy when one of the zombies decides to jump on board your car, and only a combination of stuffed hands and high speed will save you from such an attack.

The whole gameplay consists precisely in traveling as far as possible, however, there are different modes and you are given special tasks, for which you will receive additional credits. At first, the tasks are quite simple – drive a certain distance or kill a certain number of dead people. However, in the course of the passage of the task will become more and more difficult and more interesting.

The game is very dynamic, and surpasses most other representatives of the runner genre in this. The game will be especially appreciated by fans of the zombie theme, who will definitely like the game.

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