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The post-pandemic world is the life where few people want to experience Zombie Virus: K-Zombie the most. But inside the event, it’s unlikely you’ll get up sooner or later. All places were filled with people who were once likened to the undead. They mutated into hideous monsters. Furthermore, these individuals are often referred to as Zombies. As you know they are all bloodthirsty monsters.

The world has been rattled by a wave of viruses. They have caused the best destruction in all of humanity. However, a handful of survivors have regrouped. But more than that, some people have to survive on their own. They should get food and use unarmed weapons. To run away from the undead snarling like beasts. Run now sooner than you get caught.

Zombie Virus: K-Zombie

First time watching

Coming to the first-person operation, Zombie Virus: K-Zombie players have learned too much. This action helps passionate gamers experience the battle more terribly. When you can see and feel the tempo of the survival match. By the eyes of the avatar inside the game. The lack of leveling of the 3D graphics further increases the efficiency of this top operation.


Make full use of completely different weapons that are unlocked only. Customers can have the prospect of experiencing the weapon in real life. Usually grenades, rifles, submachine weapons, and many more. In addition, the participants’ weapons are also rated quite a few stars. Quite a few stars equate to the effectiveness of the weapon you might be using.


Zombie Virus: K-Zombie unlocks completely different survival characters. From the strongest to the easiest. Even the special women are very realistically designed. You will use a specified amount of system resources. Only then can I effectively unlock the characters I want. These resources will be earned by matches.

Download ( V1.1.3 )
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