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The player is sent to the world of post-apocalypse, where he has to survive and fight off zombies. The undead are constantly moving around the map, founding clans and destroying all characters. To escape from the crowd of the dead, the hero can use a unique shelter – a train that can not only shelter the player, but also crush his enemies. Also, the soldier will have to learn crafting to create powerful weapons and useful items.

From time to time the player must go out for reconnaissance and collect the necessary resources. They are used both for crafting equipment, and for the construction of buildings, the production of workbenches and the construction of fortifications. At the same time, the player, having collected the necessary raw materials, will be able to improve his train, making it more durable. Optionally, you can invite friends to the shelter who want to hide from the advancing waves of zombies, or use the train as an additional ram. In order for the wagons to move around the world, the hero must build stations in the places designated for this.

Story line

The main gameplay of Zompiercer is based on the confrontation between the undead and people, however, the game has not only large-scale battles, but also a developed storyline. Appearing within the city, the hero can take on interesting tasks that become more difficult as the story progresses. Moving around the map and fulfilling the conditions of the quest, the player will receive detailed information about the location, discover new corners on the map, get to know the inhabitants and study the pets living here. At the same time, the successful completion of the mission allows the hero to earn experience points, coins and collectibles.

Features and Benefits

One of the main advantages of Zompiercer is the completely open world. Each player will be able to find here an exciting activity that develops various skills. At the same time, users can acquire knowledge in the field of crafting, because. weapons and equipment in the game, players must produce on their own. To do this, numerous minerals have been added to the gameplay: they can be collected, processed, collected and turned into necessary artifacts. If necessary, the created items are sold on the market for a different cost.

At the same time, the game offers a variety of opportunities for interacting with objects. Each hero has his own house on the train, where you can place the necessary devices. The living space of the house is divided into several rooms without much specialization: they should accommodate furniture, appliances and decorations. At the same time, most of the items are interactive, which makes it possible to diversify the passage of the plot.

Zombie Intelligence

Also, the features of the application include the intelligence of zombies. Unlike similar games on the phone, in Zompiercer the undead learn on their own, developing their thinking and skills. Subsequently, zombies can form alliances and make joint attacks. To fight them off, the player must find allies and upgrade equipment. You can communicate with the team both in Russian and in English.

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