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Welcome to our Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns Free family. You have to become a new night guard. The new location of our game will be an old antiques store. This place was not chosen by chance, as antiques will add additional horror in an already tense and gloomy atmosphere. In this store, in addition to simple antique furniture, vintage dolls with notoriety are collected, which are known as “Evil Clowns”. Your task is to monitor the security cameras, and hold out as long as possible at your job, namely, six difficult scary and painful nights. You will encounter nocturnal riddles and various puzzles that will hinder your progress through the game. These clowns are very scary and have mysterious and magical powers. Their main feature is their love to hide in the dark. Therefore, your goal is to follow their every movement and follow the instructions that are given to you in order to stay alive. There are two types of video cameras that need to be monitored: ground and sewer. Every night the clowns will create more and more difficulties for you. You have to work hard to uncover the secrets of these damned clowns. This game has great graphics and visual effects. And the soundtrack will create an additional effect of fear and horror.

Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns Free Coupon Codes 4.2.3
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4THCKO8MQP7 August 17, 2022
CEGWOBZNDS August 31, 2022
EF3TU4HDI September 5, 2022
29AYDXKG1OE August 14, 2022
KNBMR78CW60Z August 30, 2022
JAOSQM7PUYL September 6, 2022

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