Trò chơi - Cập nhật lần cuối 18/06/2022

Producer: Choose your Star is a beautifully designed celebrity world simulation. Behind every successful actor, model or singer is a producer. It is he who works tirelessly for the image of the ward, arranging new concerts, filming radio or fashion shows. Invest money, hire professionals.


The future celebrity just needs to follow the instructions, follow the plan. Gamers will be such a producer. He needs to choose a pet and start building a career for it. Initially, the heroine was an ordinary girl that no one knew. She needs to train, create a memorable image, buy her new dresses and suits. All you need is the amount of money that gamers will receive for completing the first missions.


When the heroine is ready, you can invite her to audition and participate in casting. Practice will be the best teacher. The first contracts, photo sessions with creating a profile, visiting fashion places, going to parties. Gradually, the new star will shine brighter, all thanks to the efforts of the producer and the heroine herself, who have always dreamed of fame! It is important to see the talent in a person and help him find fans. It doesn’t matter whether the girl has a beautiful voice, a memorable appearance, or something else. The main thing is to make an effort.

Tải về máy ( V1.88 )
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