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Fall of the Vampires: Origins is a well-deserved role-playing game made with “old school” graphics and offers users classic gameplay in a huge game world! According to the plot, you will play the role of a resident of a remote village who, like many others, is in unprecedented danger.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod APK (Free Shopping) 1.16.212

Challenge the forces

The fact that there are many different creatures and evil spirits appearing in these installments is the result of the activities of a dark mage who settles in an abandoned castle far from the mountains in the North! Now you and the other volunteers must challenge the forces of evil and try to return your homeland to its former peace and prosperity. Customize your character’s appearance and characteristics and start exploring the game space.

Fight with skeletons

In the game “Fall of the Vampires: The Beginning”, the user will have to travel through many forests and fields, mysterious dungeons and caves, abandoned cities and mystical swamps, as well as many other locations. ! At the same time, you have to fight skeletons and vampires, all kinds of bandits, warlocks, witches, dark wizards, black knights, mythical monsters and many other opponents!

Equip everything

Separately, I’d like to talk about your character’s loot and gear system, as well as the extensive ability to pump and specialize as a custom warrior. You can dress the Persian man in armor, boots, helmets, capes, rings, and amulets, represented by both common and magical and rare items, as well as equip him with swords and axes, spears, bows, and crossbows, as well as many other weapons!

Turn-based combat

Can use spells, special combat skills, pumped separately from strength, agility, health points, etc. Overall, the game is quite attractive and will bring many happy moments to all lovers of the classic school genre and tactical combat with a turn-based battle system, mods with a lot of money will allow you to buy any equipment. and weapons at the beginning of the game, making your character powerful and almost invincible!

Tải về máy ( V1.16.212 )
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