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3 Days to Die – Horror Escape Game is a horror game for your smartphone where you only have a couple of days to get out of the sinister atmosphere. Players expect a very intense adventure.

3 Days to Die – Horror Escape Game
 Discount Codes (2023 January) 2.0
All Codes Expiration date
NQKD92S0XWE January 29, 2023
FHSNKE7RL6 February 5, 2023
YCSN4B6K3 December 13, 2022
UG3Q0MNY1JP February 10, 2023
GFCMPA2N5E7J January 26, 2023
KI2WNRUHC65 January 12, 2023
568NCSLJHBR December 24, 2022
9CS238J5NM December 23, 2022
RWHE04SUF January 2, 2023
FULYDCIHNMA December 14, 2022
YJIHSDFVXCNE December 15, 2022
A0SBRKLV984 February 11, 2023

Go to a mysterious and abandoned house filled with ghosts and terrible creatures. You are suddenly stuck in this building, and now you don’t know what is the actual way to get out of here. To solve the problem, you will need to solve many riddles and puzzles. There are scary ghosts in the house, which were left by your neighbor named Jason. He instilled fear in your life cycle and now the hero experiences it all the time. Try to keep within just three days to leave this building, otherwise you will simply die. 3 Days to Die – Horror Escape Game is a very cool horror game that will be hard to compare with many others. Try to figure out how to get out of the cottage full of ghosts as quickly as possible. Features of 3 Days to Die – Horror Escape Game

  • High quality graphics;
  • Adventures in a house full of ghosts;
  • The mysterious atmosphere of a terrible house;
  • Hidden puzzles and tasks;
  • Very scary atmosphere and soundtrack.

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