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Updated on March 17, 2024

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The continuation of an unusual modification from the FNAF series opens the door for the player to Fredbear’s Family Diner, a new family restaurant from the creators of Fazbear’s pizzeria. Mechanical puppets were placed in the café to entertain the children; at the same time, the protagonist is hired as a night guard at this establishment. However, the animatronics harbor various secrets that the player must uncover in order to stay alive.

Features of the second part

The main difference from A Golden Past Chapter 1 is the changed setting. By studying the room with the help of cameras, the user can notice the decorations necessary for celebrating a child’s birthday. The decor can be viewed closer, because in the second part the player gets access to movement. Exploring the rooms will allow you to learn more about the secrets of the family restaurant and the company that supplies mechanical dolls to it.

The possibility of free movement is associated with increased danger, since animatronics can also roam around the cafe. To protect against evil robots, the hero should use a flashlight that illuminates a small space in front of him. In some rooms there are tables – under them you can hide from the doll if she has already entered the room. However, hiding for a long time will not work: the animatronics in A Golden Past 2 have a developed artificial intelligence, which allows them to quickly find prey.

During the passage, the guard can remain in his office, where he has access to the cameras. As in all games in the FNAF series, the cameras and monitor consume electricity – a limited and almost non-renewable resource. Electricity is also needed to close the doors through which the animatronics can enter the office. In total, three entrances lead to the guard’s room, and each robot can appear both from one and from different corridors.

Means of protection against robots

The player can use a variety of devices to protect themselves from the attacks of the evil puppets. Among them are familiar items – cameras, a flashlight – and new tools borrowed from the first part of A Golden Past. At the same time, the set of available objects has undergone some changes: a Freddy mask and a music box have appeared in the game.

Freddy’s mask is used as a cover – the player can put it on for a period of time and thus hide from the animatronic in the guard’s office. The music box, in turn, allows you to scare away the dolls and make them return to the hall. However, it takes time to recharge the box, as well as to restore electricity.

Additional features

Golden Past 2 has inherited the tradition of adding a bonus level for players. It can be accessed by completing the five nights main storyline. The passage of the bonus episode is different in that the user can independently adjust the parameters of the night. Understanding the settings interface is not difficult – even taking into account the fact that A Golden Past Chapter 2 is not translated into Russian.

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