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You must take part in large-scale air battles and defeat enemies in intense duels. When you can download Air Battles 3D for Android, you will have endless possibilities to eliminate other planes. You will have to choose your first combat aircraft and fly it to your first military operation. Prepare all your military equipment and soldiers for battle and take the enemy with dignity. You will face very difficult tasks, during which you will need to win all the air battles and achieve the greatest skill. Destroy objects on the map, defeat the enemy army and destroy all his planes from the air.

Air Battles 3D
Discount Codes (2023 June) 2.5
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You should try to download Sky Fighters 3D for android to enjoy these game features:

  • Beautiful three-dimensional and high-quality graphics of the image, allowing you to feel this atmosphere completely;
  • Large-scale battlefield in which you will fight for great achievements;
  • A huge number of enemies who want to get another dose of adrenaline;
  • Dozens of various combat aircraft;
  • More than fifty original single player levels, with the ability to perform in four modes.

Beautiful battles in the air You will be able to improve your skills and abilities to achieve victory every new duel. Improve your own skill level and increase the power of your own equipment and technology. Destroy huge waves of enemies and learn tactical actions. They will help you achieve victory and deliver a crushing blow. Use counterattacks and survive in this tense atmosphere. Never forget that the fate of the entire country and its civilian population is now in your hands. Take command of the aircraft and win new battles in story mode. Learn to crush your enemies.

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