Block Craft 3D:Building Game MOD APK (Continuity Skill) 2.18.2

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Block Craft 3D:Building Game
Publisher Wildlife Studios
Category Game
Version 2.18.2
Price FREE
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Block Craft 3D:Building Game APK
Block Craft 3D:Building Game MOD
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Block Craft 3D is a game that is realized just like the famous Minecraft. Build any structures, houses, castles, various mechanisms, and anything you want using dozens of blocks for different purposes. Play with your friends, create whole worlds together and complete exciting quests!

A city building game and free

In addition to the single-player mode, the gameplay also includes multiplayer. To make the game more interesting, you should use a mod for a lot of money. With it, you can buy any block and other valuable resources without restriction. Choose a unique character and any outfit to set yourself apart from other players! If you have selected a single-mode, then at any time you can access other users and see their achievements.

Game Features

  • An exciting game in the city building and sandbox genres.
  • Fashionable block design.
  • Customize details of your character.
  • chance to have a funny pet.
  • the dynamic change of the time of day.
  • Online mode to play with other users.
  • a large selection of blocks to build any structure.
  • Dozens of pieces of furniture, decorations, and other resources.

If you love building games, Block Craft 3D is just what you need! Open dozens of pre-made locations by altering them or build unique worlds from scratch. Due to the wide selection of resources in the game, you can build almost anything you want. Get a fun pet to play with!

In a special editor you can independently create new types of blocks and missing resources, sell them and earn extra points!

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