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Boom Beach is another game from the creators of Clash of Clans that has gained immense popularity around the world. Here you have to fight for control over the tropical archipelago, the inhabitants of which are terrorized by the evil Guardians of Darkness. Capture enemy bases, destroying their headquarters, free civilians and find out all the secrets that the picturesque islands keep.

Boom Beach
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Battles in Boom Beach last only 3-5 minutes, but they do not become less interesting because of this. Scout the situation, plan the battle and land your soldiers on a foreign island so that they raze the enemy fortifications to the ground. In battle, you will be able to point out targets with flares, support your soldiers with artillery, and heal soldiers with first-aid kits.
In Boom Beach you will have your own base with a command post. Here you can build buildings to extract important resources – wood to build new buildings and gold to train soldiers. You will also have access to defensive structures – mortars, machine guns, towers, and so on. All buildings can be improved, which speeds up the extraction of resources and improves the defense of the base.
In addition to battles with the Guardians of Darkness, in Boom Beach you can attack the bases of other players. Destroying the fortifications of real gamers is a more difficult task than capturing the base of a computer enemy, but the reward for winning is much higher. Other players can also attack your base, so do not forget about the reliable protection of your headquarters.

  • Bright and exciting strategy from the creators of Clash of Clans.
  • Dynamic battles with Guardians of Darkness and other players.
  • Real-time battles on warships.
  • Development of own base and ship.
  • Joint battles in task forces.

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