Game Mobile - Updated on September 8, 2022

Bowmasters is a fun duel game. Enemies will lie right in front of your character at a certain distance, while you need to accurately hit the opponent with the suggested weapon. The arsenal will change depending on the hero selected, it can be a bow, ax, spear, card, knife throwing, and many others with distinct characteristics. Cheating to earn a lot of money will help you buy any character!


Aim well, as you can only wound the enemy, leaving a negligible amount of HP. In this case, the move will belong to him. For more convenient aiming, the game comes with suggestions for pitch angle and pitch strength. These values ​​can be memorized to improve the results on the next attempt. But in the new game, you will have to recalculate the trajectory, as locations are constantly changing along with distances and other features of the landscape.

Bowmasters Mod

Bowmasters game received very high-quality graphics for its genre. The locations are decorated quite stylishly, among the characters you can recognize many familiar heroes, and in the process of destroying the target, you can see bright effects with blood splashes. and other damage. Train in a special mode to hit fruits, balls, birds, and other targets or challenge real players from around the world!

Download ( V2.15.21 )
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