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Car Industry Tycoon is a unique car factory simulator in which you will be involved in the production of various cars and business development. Build your empire and expand it to a huge scale: hire skilled workers, create car parts, upgrade production and strive for success. Start from a small factory and turn it into a world-famous car factory. A lot of unique content awaits all fans of entertaining mobile games.

Car Industry Tycoon – Idle Car Factory Simulator
 Codes (2023 February) 1.6.5
All Codes Expiration date
YHFN3K4PCO7 January 2, 2023
7NJHU50OPS February 18, 2023
8LUV3WYMT January 17, 2023
AVILY9PWJB6 January 17, 2023
A8RVCTJU3HWF February 13, 2023
NFRXVMTYQ53 February 6, 2023
CX1GY87S064 February 5, 2023
ZHY0LNCF6B January 18, 2023
8B0FHUQO6 January 7, 2023
CP7DM8QG52J February 10, 2023
KN17FD8C3MXR February 9, 2023
IBWZQR3UK15 February 3, 2023

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