Codes - Updated on October 10, 2022

Combat Magic: Spells and Swords is a bright mobile action game in which mages and robbers from all over the kingdom can measure the strength of war. The greatest tournament will accept anyone who is ready to fight bravely and prove their courage. In the fight for the championship title, you will compete with dangerous opponents, so get ready for serious challenges. Excellent graphics and simple controls make the gameplay addictive from the very first minutes.

Combat Magic: Spells and Swords
 Codes 2022 October
All Codes Expiration date
38SWTGM6KDV November 11, 2022
TN5BU8PIKM November 30, 2022
A96XR032W October 27, 2022
IPR9ANLT37Z November 14, 2022
VWOER289MKGF November 10, 2022
KHUELAVRQMB November 12, 2022
SIVFGXBO2ZH October 28, 2022
1FOV3ZL629 December 2, 2022
AKTOQIN6P November 19, 2022
LSH1PTZE82B November 25, 2022
4PB1UMN90TYZ November 27, 2022
KSG15FNR3B7 October 22, 2022

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