Codes New - Updated on January 7, 2023

Conquerors 2 is a cool mobile strategy game that takes you into the amazing world of sultans and their luxurious lives. Become the greatest ruler of a huge empire and lead it to prosperity. You will have brave heroes in your service, ready to fight for their country to the last drop of blood. You will directly be able to lead the troops and wage a fierce struggle for territory. Also, the developers have not forgotten about the personal life of the ruler – choose your wife from hundreds of presented beauties and acquire heirs in order to provide the state with stable and wise governance for centuries.

Conquerors 2: Majesty of the Sultans
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 3.5.3
All Codes Expiration date
3BMYU1IDQRF January 16, 2023
F56JYU84M1 February 10, 2023
1XSTUDYP6 January 19, 2023
NQ7BYXS2KU1 January 28, 2023
T7LZAXIRCB1N February 12, 2023
WGPLRJVX7FN February 2, 2023
TLQM7EC91DY March 8, 2023
JYVSNM6BUX February 4, 2023
E98Z20T4O January 23, 2023
0MWVTQEDPHR January 11, 2023
6K1UYCBIM4FN January 24, 2023
4S2M18HBWKY March 7, 2023

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