Crowd City MOD APK (God Mode) 2.9.13

Updated on June 13, 2024

Name Crowd City
Publisher VOODOO
Category Game New
Version 2.9.13
Price FREE
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Crowd City: Conquer the City with Your Crowd

The Addictive World of Crowd City

Crowd City is a very popular arcade genre in which you need to gather armies of little men around the city and, together with them, destroy crowds of enemies every day. Achieve more and be the best.

A very cool game in which you need to try to become the most popular person in the city. Walk around the city with a few guys and try to gain the respect of new people. All of them together will create a crowd of incredible proportions for you, and they can easily hit targets.

Goal: Gather the Largest Crowd and Win

The most important goal for players is to become the largest crowd in the entire world. Gather people where you can and crush them with your power. Crowd City is the most addictive game in which the goal is to win the lead with an overwhelming majority. There is no other way to win.

Real-Time Competition and Alliances

Connect in real time and fight with your friend’s crowd. Yours should be larger, and you can see the exact quantity in real time. In addition, there is a real chance to form an alliance with other leaders and unite.

Features of the Game Crowd City

  • Exciting gameplay and addictive effect
  • Gather the largest crowd and win
  • Free walks around the city

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