Dawn of Persia: Card Battle Codes Wiki [2024 July]

Updated on June 8, 2024

Unlock powerful cards and unique abilities in Dawn of Persia: Card Battle with these exclusive codes. Dominate the battlefield with strategic play and clever tactics by using these special codes to enhance your deck. Build your army, forge alliances, and conquer your foes in epic battles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain an edge over your opponents with these valuable codes. Enter them now and lead your civilization to victory!

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Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary sword of Persia 2. Purse filled with gold coins 3. Diamond-studded armor set 4. Enchanted ruby amulet
Get Code 1. Sword of the Ancients 2. Bag of Gold Coins 3. Ruby Amulet of Power 4. Diamond-encrusted Shield 5. Legendary Axe of the Gods
Get Code 1. Legendary sword with +50 attack power. 2. 1000 gold coins to upgrade your hero. 3. Rare gemstone that boosts your defense.

Dawn of Persia: Card Battle Tier List

Sure, here is a tier list for the game Dawn of Persia: Card Battle:

S Tier:
1. Immortal Army - A powerful card that summons an army of immortal warriors to the battlefield.
2. Xerxes the Great - A legendary leader card with powerful abilities and high stats.
3. Royal Elephants - A unit card with high health and damage, capable of turning the tide of battles.

A Tier:
1. Persian Archers - Versatile ranged unit card that can provide support from afar.
2. Persian War Chariots - Fast-moving and hard-hitting unit card, ideal for quick strikes.
3. Royal Guard - Elite unit card with strong defensive capabilities.

B Tier:
1. Satrap's Treasures - Resource card that provides a steady income of gold.
2. Siege Catapult - Siege unit card that excels at breaking through enemy defenses.
3. Persian Cavalry - Fast and versatile unit card with decent stats.

C Tier:
1. Persian Scouts - Basic scouting unit card with limited combat abilities.
2. Slave Levies - Cheap unit card with low stats, but can be useful in overwhelming numbers.
3. Palace Guards - Average unit card with balanced stats, suitable for defensive strategies.

This tier list is based on the overall power level, versatility, and usefulness of the cards in the game. Players may have different preferences and playstyles, so feel free to experiment and find the best strategy that works for you.

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