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Dead Shell: Dungeons of the Dead is a game about mazes and shooting games with monsters. Armed with blasters, the commanders of the elite paratroopers will travel to new locations and look for enemies.

Dead Shell: Dungeons of the Dead
 Redeem Codes (2023 February) 1.3.5
All Codes Expiration date
WJZP6TNDEQR February 28, 2023
KLHNFQS5DJ January 5, 2023
507W3BEIU February 12, 2023
OS58VYKFUD0 January 7, 2023
1P4OLB7C5R2Y January 3, 2023
G98X1CKDRL6 January 12, 2023
O0FAK123BJL January 29, 2023
GX6PONR48M January 2, 2023
FJHUND58O January 26, 2023
A8IT02J71K6 February 25, 2023
HPW05QEOVR4K February 28, 2023
C3XTQFAKVG0 February 25, 2023

The player will have to stand at the head of his own team of paratroopers and go through the entire training course. Travel across planets from this large-scale universe and try to find an enemy who invents weapons that can destroy this entire world. Arm yourself with an arsenal of futuristic value, in the form of blasters or axes, in order to later win back with it the main resource called plutonium. The game itself is made in great pixel art, which is inherent in all classic arcade games. Beginners in a few minutes will be able to get comfortable with such lightweight controls and clear rules of Dead Shell: dungeons of the dead. Go through hundreds of dungeons and put things in order there, clearing the labyrinth of enemies completely. Features of Dead Shell Game: Dungeons of the Dead

  • Constantly re-generated dungeons;
  • Many characters of different categories;
  • A huge ammunition load of blasters;
  • Teamwork with elite paratroopers;
  • A lot of bonuses and improvements for the squad;
  • Clear gameplay and easy controls.

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