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DEAD TRIGGER 2 is a cool zombie shooter with strategy elements. Challenge the walking dead on the streets of the ruined city, create your own team and try to survive in this madness. Set up a hideout for anyone you can find while wandering among the monsters – here you will meet a gunsmith, medic, engineer, scientist and smuggler. Unlock new regions and fight in different locations. Hundreds of combat scenarios, a fascinating storyline, a wide range of weapons, tons of zombies and many other attributes of a great game will help you pass the time and relax.

DEAD TRIGGER 2: Zombie Shooter with Strategy Elements
Codes (2023 September) 1.10.0

nPVcOdJpxxx Get Codes

All CodesExpiration date
A1H43UJ7ZVMOctober 10, 2023
43AJ0O2RXESeptember 21, 2023
VM10CL2UENovember 8, 2023
UK6VZ9H5QTEOctober 10, 2023
BNAGVREIZ4PDSeptember 27, 2023
TW7LP0FJ1U2October 14, 2023
UZJD4S1RX2IOctober 24, 2023
LJAR8KQMPYNovember 1, 2023
SKD8A5UB7October 26, 2023
YF6VIZBUK8NSeptember 19, 2023
F3IMZP9NBSETOctober 22, 2023
I6Z4JOQS97MOctober 22, 2023

Download ( V1.10.0 )
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