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Death Invasion : Survival is a cool shooting game that is full of terrible Zombies and you will need to shoot them all. Try to save the remnants of the survivors after the apocalypse and free the occupied city from the invasion of monsters.

Death Invasion: Survival
 Discount Codes (2022 December) 1.1.7
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LYKNODA732Q November 7, 2022
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I4WK7LEPFU November 2, 2022
8M3FL2BU7 November 24, 2022
HT38W2ZYS9G October 22, 2022
XWOULBZ03ICJ October 1, 2022
KWP0Q9OYMH8 November 12, 2022

The player finds himself in a city where nothing is easier than getting infected with a virus and becoming one of the Zombies. Therefore, immediately stock up on the ammunition and uniforms you need so as not to let the monsters infect. In the game Death Invasion : Survival, you need to pursue only one single goal – to survive in such a cruel atmosphere. Be sure that the dead roaming the streets of the city are the real barbarians and immediately shoot at them so as not to let anyone close to you. Travel across various locations of the vast world and explore the streets of this big city. You have to release a whole mountain of bullets into the crowds of monsters so that they leave your territory forever. In Death Invasion : Survival, you can also find the survivors and assemble an effective combat team from them that will selflessly fight monsters. Save yourself and help them to make your army of people and try to save this city. Stop the zombie invasion in Death Invasion : Survival Along the way, the player will have to collect all the resources needed on the road so as not to give the monsters a single chance. Increase the power of your weapons every day to deal with all enemies. Your backpack should always be full of food and water, because this is an important part of the gameplay. Zombies in Death Invasion: Survival can be fought not only with small arms, but also in some cases with fists, the main thing is not to let the monsters bite, otherwise urgent medicine will be required. Such high quality graphics and very interesting gameplay should please the true fans of Zombie shooting games.

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