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Destiny Child: Defense War is an enchanting mobile strategy game that puts you in the middle of fierce demonic battles. Together with the heroes of the popular gaming universe, help to repel the intervention of the devil in this beautiful virtual world. Apply tactical skills, find powerful combat combinations, create unique teams and defeat numerous opponents.

Destiny Child : Defense War
 Codes (2022 December) 2.0.35
All Codes Expiration date
QYGVURE8NOX January 1, 2023
O539TA0QIU January 25, 2023
945AHPVYS January 18, 2023
ZQRTGS3VA2I January 15, 2023
LDNSC23Q05UT January 26, 2023
SU85QX3DYWT December 10, 2022
M5FWGCSJRBL January 6, 2023
ETPV9A0LR7 December 8, 2022
RJY08SKBQ January 25, 2023
UDM51WGSK3X December 31, 2022
JE1TZQCL6W7B December 20, 2022
ZG81MLU36KS December 9, 2022

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