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Dice Me Online: Free – Shake the cup, roll five dice and earn the maximum score to complete all 13 rounds.

Dice Me Online: Free Promo Codes (2024 February) 2.4.3

PDyNRakoxxx Get Codes

All CodesExpiration date
XMDTE79QY0AMay 23, 2023
OGV1JLMXINJune 20, 2023
9L1WDEBNVJune 4, 2023
GBRSAY65VUHJuly 3, 2023
LR5FIMBTUE3SJuly 17, 2023
CLQABZ0GT61May 25, 2023
WVQAC8R6KOUJune 15, 2023
US5TJOFK9CJune 2, 2023
EP5AG0NV6June 4, 2023
KARVG3LWTZNMay 27, 2023
53ZIBOYDSUH7June 2, 2023
VEIHRJG42NWJune 3, 2023

An application that simulates a game of dice will help you spend your free time in an interesting way. The goal of the game is to roll the dice and get the maximum score for the roll. In total, there are five dice in the game, with which you need to go through 13 rounds, gaining the maximum score. The classic dice game comes with extra features. You can change the color of the menu to red, green or yellow. The game can be played alone or with network players. You can also play with the interlocutor on the same tablet. By playing online, you can compete and improve your ratings. The leaderboard will tell you your level.

Download ( V2.4.3 )
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