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Dino Bash is a gameplay created in the style of the original tower defense, in which players will get only pleasant emotions and pleasure. Try to stop the dinosaur attack right now.

Dino Bash
 Discount Codes (2023 January) 1.7.0
All Codes Expiration date
BPNYJXHK69D January 10, 2023
E38215IVAO December 21, 2022
HM6B9QA7D January 14, 2023
S4920GIDTQM January 3, 2023
3F97QV0EAR6N December 11, 2022
0G79OJH5TND February 1, 2023
OJW6AHDSQLT December 26, 2022
92V8JPGD4F December 26, 2022
3KG459J2T December 8, 2022
OQCMH8AE6XK January 3, 2023
GEPWCZ1RX7AD December 27, 2022
QEC0G5SI6J8 December 8, 2022

Each user can turn into a hero and take on the role of a commander of terrible and huge dinosaurs. Once in the world of the Jurassic period, the player gets the opportunity to search for eggs and their protection, because at any moment insidious people will come for them. To defend yourself in Dino Bash, you will need to create and build defensive structures that will help you. Moreover, players have the right to use the help of dinosaurs and shoot wild people from the air. Defend with Dinosaurs You’ve never been in a war on the side of the dinosaurs, but now it’s real. A huge number of troops from Dino of different breeds and they all act only on your side. Invent your own methods in Dino Bash by which you will defend the eggs and place traps around the perimeters. Choose the right targets and carry out their attacks. Develop your dinosaurs and increase their power to become even cooler. There are a hundred story levels ahead and they must be completed, and a multiplayer mode may soon be added.

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