Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.7.1.g

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2
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Version 1.7.1.g
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Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 APK
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Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 is an adrenaline-pumping mobile game that lets players experience the excitement of drag racing. Customize your car, compete against fierce opponents, and push your skills to the limit in intense street races.


Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 is a thrilling racing game that takes the popular drag racing concept to the streets. It offers an immersive experience with impressive graphics, realistic physics, and a wide range of customizable cars. In this article, we will explore the key features, gameplay mechanics, and tips to succeed in this exciting game.

Key Features

Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 boasts several key features that make it stand out from other racing games:

1. Variety of Cars: The game offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including sports cars, muscle cars, and even exotic supercars. Each car comes with its own unique characteristics and performance stats, allowing players to find their perfect match.

2. Customization Options: Players can personalize their vehicles by customizing various aspects, such as the paint job, wheels, spoilers, and even engine upgrades, to enhance their car’s performance on the track.

3. Realistic Physics: The game offers a realistic physics engine that accurately simulates acceleration, braking, and tire grip. This adds an element of authenticity to the gameplay, making it more challenging and rewarding.

4. Multiple Game Modes: Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 offers various game modes to keep players engaged. From quick races to career mode and online multiplayer, there are plenty of options to suit different preferences.

5. Online Multiplayer: Compete against real players from around the world in intense multiplayer races. Show off your skills, climb the leaderboards, and unlock rare and powerful cars as you dominate the competition.

Gameplay Mechanics

Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 features intuitive gameplay mechanics that are easy to pick up, but challenging to master. Here are some of its key gameplay mechanics:

1. Drag Racing: As the name suggests, the game revolves around drag racing, where players compete in 1/4 or 1/2 mile races against opponents. The objective is to achieve the quickest acceleration and cross the finish line before your opponent.

2. Timing and Gear Shifts: To achieve optimum acceleration, players must master the art of clutching and shifting gears at the right moment. Precise timing is crucial in gaining the competitive edge and achieving faster speeds.

3. Upgrades and Tuning: As you progress in the game, you can earn credits and unlock various upgrades for your car. Upgrading engine components, tires, and other parts will improve your car’s performance, helping you defeat tougher opponents.

4. Launch Control: Perfecting the launch is essential in drag racing. Utilize the launch control feature, which allows you to set your preferred RPM level before the race starts, to achieve a powerful start that can make a significant difference in the outcome of the race.

Tips for Success

To succeed in Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Perfect Shifts: Timing your gear shifts correctly is crucial for achieving maximum acceleration. Try to time your shifts right before the needle hits the red zone on the tachometer to ensure optimal speed.

2. Upgrade Wisely: As you earn credits, invest them wisely in upgrading your car. Focus on improving crucial components like the engine, transmission, and tires, as these will have the most significant impact on performance.

3. Practice Launch Control: Mastering launch control will give you an advantage off the starting line. Experiment with different RPM levels to find the sweet spot for your car and consistently achieve powerful launches.

4. Nitro Boost: Utilize the nitro boost wisely during races. Activate it at the right moment, preferably when you shift into a higher gear, to gain a significant burst of speed and outpace your opponents.

5. Perfect Your Timing: Pay close attention to your reaction time when racing against opponents. React quickly to the green light indicator to get a jumpstart on your opponent, giving you an early advantage in the race.


Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2 offers an exhilarating drag racing experience on the streets. With its impressive graphics, realistic physics, and a wide range of customizable cars, it provides an immersive and thrilling gameplay experience. By mastering the gameplay mechanics and following our tips for success, you can dominate the streets, defeat opponents, and become the ultimate drag racing champion. So, start your engines and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Drag Racing 3D: Streets 2!

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