Game Mobile - Updated on April 5, 2022

Dragons: Titan Uprising – a new battle has begun on the legendary Berk Island. However, here, strength and fighting skills alone are not enough to win. Players will need to team up with other riders and their dragons to defeat a common enemy.

The game is created based on the famous cartoon, where humans and dragons live in the same reality and interact with each other. Each warrior takes and raises his dragon, then becomes his comrade. Among these racers, the gamer must assemble a team and start a large-scale battle to liberate the island!

Those who have seen the original cartoon will certainly be pleased with the encounter with familiar characters. To complete the combat mission, you must successfully solve consecutive puzzles by connecting the same elements. So the developers connected the game logic with action. An enemy will show up at the top of the screen, the bottom part is dedicated to the puzzle. In making a coup, gamers will hit the enemy.

If the puzzle seems too difficult, boosters will help him, he will earn this money for completing previous levels. Each completed level will give impetus to the development of the plot. The complexity of the puzzles increases, the very first sentences will help you understand the nuances of the gameplay and gain experience.

Download ( V1.25.0 )
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