Duddu - My Virtual Pet Dog MOD APK (One Hit) 1.82

Updated on March 16, 2024

Name Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog
Publisher Bubadu
Category Game
Version 1.82
Price FREE
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Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog APK
Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog MOD
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Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog is an addictive simulation to make up for the lack of pets. This game is perfect for kids who are constantly begging their parents for a dog. Not all parents are willing to comply with a child’s request.

As a rule, they worry about the question, can the baby take care of the pet on his own? The developers of this simulator offer a simple solution to the problem – pass the responsibility on to the child by offering to take care of a virtual dog.

Distinctive feature

Lots of Duddu Personality Games – My Virtual Pet Dog. Lots of interaction opportunities Bright design Fun soundtrack It’s no secret that any pet requires constant attention, care, and affection. This also extends to the virtual dog Duddu, which, in addition, has its characteristics, just like a real dog. Your pet is very affectionate and playful, so the simulator offers more than 30 different fun games.

Take care carefully

A virtual pet will love its owner and he will take care of the dog. Owners will be able to feed, walk, play and even dress their new friends. The game has many bright and colorful locations. The dog can interact with many objects, and you will control its actions.

For adults

Duddu – My Virtual Pet Dog also offers a network mode where you can visit each other with your friends and see how their pets live and introduce dogs to each other. Of course, this game is suitable not only for children but also for adults, especially for those who do not have the conditions to have a real pet. In the game, you will have many options, as well as a mod with a lot of money, allowing you to buy your pets.

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