Game Mobile - Updated on May 15, 2022

Nice redefinition of the hero word in the world of Dungeon of Gods. This place was created to prove the player’s own strength. Your best version will be faithfully recreated. With levels of high difficulty and a great challenge. This will be a test to survey the user’s ability. Show off your skills to score the level. There is much more information that we want to share with users. If you are interested, please scroll down to the dock to read it.

Dungeon of Gods

Face the enemy

The opportunity to transform new identities into heroes. Reincarnated into a world filled with brave power everywhere. Face the arch-enemies of justice. Increase the power of companions to enforce justice. Every step you take through the land is terror for the wicked.

Activation skill

Activate various moves at your fingertips. Unlock special moves to turn them into heavy weapons. Develop skills with the most manual taps. Turn the power of skills into the most advanced weapons. Get the most out of them when you use them.

Infinite Health Bar

Indicates you the health of both enemies and individuals. That is the feature of this diverse health bar. With each different color and location, the health bar appears on the body. Players can easily identify the amount of health that the enemy is holding. To be able to know how to attack to defeat them fastest. As well as help your calculation way better.

Apply your fighting skills and innate talent to the game. The rules of the game will have to be approved for you to experience.

Download ( V1.0.12 )
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