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Evolution: Battle for Utopia combines not one genre, but several: action, strategy and classic RPG. According to the plot, you will go on an intergalactic journey, where you need to study all their nature and features on different planets. However, your spaceship crashed and fell on one of the planets called Utopia. However, it is not on any of their maps. Therefore, you are in a state of confusion and do not know what to do next and where to fly. As a result, your task is to build your own base on the planet Utopia and make friends with alien inhabitants. But not everything is so simple.

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2G8IX6KYHZR August 28, 2022
C1W2I94RJB September 20, 2022
RYBHN4FZL September 3, 2022
KU9N8AZJ7LD September 21, 2022
TVG6RXL3EWNB September 13, 2022
O3WM51F8JPK July 27, 2022

First you need to collect resources for the construction of the base. They are not given to you right away, but only after a certain period of time in the game you will be able to use resources. You don’t have to get them. When you have all the necessary resources, you can build buildings. You will also have many interesting missions where you can travel and fight against evil opponents in space. After successfully destroying space evil creatures, you will receive a lot of money, which you can use to buy armor and powerful new weapons.

In fact, the application Evolution: Battle for Utopia attracts with excellent technical characteristics. It pleases with fascinating and thoughtful gameplay, good graphics and high-quality soundtrack! So download the game Evolution: Battle for Utopia on your gadget and travel the galactic world!

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