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Fan of Guns is a unique pixel art game where warriors fight for survival. Each fight will be dynamic and very intense. The player needs to make every effort to win.

Fan of Guns
 Codes (2022 December) 1.1.02
All Codes Expiration date
VAD9O0458YN December 10, 2022
VBCG7N2X1R December 25, 2022
J3SH0Z6YL December 9, 2022
VGYJDXK13RE January 11, 2023
SZUY8MW2OXNL January 1, 2023
LW6PSMKAGDB December 1, 2022
PTXZ9JWQCRO November 25, 2022
PU4Y2BH1IN December 21, 2022
KDVG59TCH November 22, 2022
ZS3IBNMGQ6X December 25, 2022
72BLQNH5VM8S December 30, 2022
XVLNQH9F2EZ January 10, 2023

Immediately try any of the modes offered by the system, where the toughest test of strength awaits you and you can’t give up slack. Each fight will be as dynamic as possible so that the player can feel the heat and adrenaline. With a game as interesting as Fan of Guns, you won’t get bored and every battle will be fun. Feel free to invite your friends to survival to enjoy the game together. Then you can even organize your own clan of friends, and together you will go through these intense and very difficult adventures, which are simply breathtaking. You will travel, conquer other players, until you conquer everything that the rest, including your friends, have dreamed of for so long. The pixel art in Fan of Guns is a treat for all fans of these games. Clan wars, which are constantly breathtaking, will win hearts especially. Pixel Survival in Fan of Guns Once you become a fan of survival in Fan of Guns, the most interesting modes will be waiting for you and it’s impossible not to try each of them. Play team war, participate in zombie apocalypse survival, be sure to try the gun race and capture points. All these modes are full of tension and will be interesting especially when playing in multiplayer mode. In addition, there are several options for locations and each is diverse in features. The player can play in any location and choose from tons of weapons. you can safely change the external design of your weapons using a set of special skins. Then you will be individual and distinguish yourself from other players.

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