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Final Destiny is a game with “old school” style graphics. The main character is a girl who is forced to run away from bloodthirsty enemies. She is on her way to the edge of the world, she must travel many kilometers, destroy all who stand in her way, and stand in her way. The heroine takes care of a small child, which she brings with her.

Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World

Move smart

If you double-click on the screen, it will run. It is important to dodge without getting hit by the enemy. Attacks by holding the attack button with your finger, you can perform different combos on the enemy.

Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World

Protect children

The baby is helpless, he needs supervision:

  • if you lose a child, it is likely to be attacked by enemies.
  • the death of a baby means a loss.
  • If a child is lost, it cannot be attacked until it is discovered.

Characters gain skills in the process of solving puzzles and finding new runes. You can learn new or upgrade existing skills. The mine is a dangerous dungeon where you can mine valuable stones. Mining is automatic.

Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World

Everything is different in level and rank

In addition to the usual ones, there are legendary ones with distinct characteristics. Well optimized, with simple controls and a wide variety of tasks. Matches, puzzles, challenges in the tower. Destroy enemies, advance along the route, solve problems, collect items and pump for heroes.

Final Destiny – Beyond the End of the World

The game has a mod to earn a lot of money. You can visit the Call Tower regularly. There are stronger enemies and difficult quests, but in return, a valuable reward is given – challenge points, so you can upgrade your character.

Download ( V1.66 )
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