FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 MOD APK (Unlocked)

Updated on March 17, 2024

Name FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 MOD APK (Unlocked)
Category Game
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Inheriting the best features of the first part, Killer in Purple 2 opens up many new opportunities for the protagonist, who can now not only steal children, but also build his own pizzeria. To ensure that the flow of visitors never dries up, the player needs to create interesting entertainment areas and arrange original shows with the participation of animatronics. Using the available funds and available tools, the user will be able to attract guests and thereby satisfy their bloodlust.

Differences from the first part

As in the original FNAF: Killer in Purple, the main character is a purple monster. He moves around the location, catching children and killing them, hiding the bodies in robotic doll costumes. Attacks have to be carried out covertly so that the police do not arrive at the institution. By avoiding getting under the cameras, as well as acquiring various improvements, the monster will be able to steal as many victims as possible and earn game points.

The main difference of the second part is freedom of movement. In Killer in Purple 2, the player is not limited by the walls of the pizzeria: he can leave the building, drive around the city, and even visit his own house. The house has various rooms, including a bedroom where the hero rests between work shifts. In addition, the playing space can be expanded by purchasing new locations. Game points are used as currency in horror.

Night mode

Usually the hero visits the pizzeria during the day to monitor the work of the establishment and make the necessary improvements. However, if desired, the hero can stay after work and stay at the pizzeria for the night. At night, the game reproduces the gameplay of the FNAF horror, on the basis of which the Killer in Purple series is based, – the animatronics placed in the hall come to life and begin their own hunt.

To avoid being chased, the player must use familiar gadgets: automatic doors, a flashlight, cameras, and a monitor. In addition, the rules of passage remain unchanged, including those related to the consumption of electricity and the charge of the monitor. So far, the animated animatronics are not able to attack the main character, but soon the game developers promise to add this feature.

Pizzeria Improvements

However, many interesting activities can be found in the daytime. During the work shift, the player must improve the pizzeria, buy furniture and equipment, decorate various premises (even the guard’s closet). In between repairs, the hero can hunt children, thereby earning game points. At the same time, it is worth remembering the police, who are always ready to raid if the monster attacks are recorded on cameras.

Android version

FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 was originally released for Windows devices, but fans of the game quickly made a port to Android. By installing the ported version on the phone, users will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the game on their smartphone.

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