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Food Fantasy is a fantastic adventure made in the classic RPG genre. Here, players need to learn how to cook delicious food and not be afraid to enter the global arena for battles between the heroes of the universe.

food fantasy
 Gift Codes (2023 February) 1.57.4
All Codes Expiration date
EW5I4AU0T7X February 3, 2023
1CIA6NVF4X December 29, 2022
XJHL257IZ January 13, 2023
YG6NKVT1U4H January 11, 2023
3O2AT4EBVGLW January 23, 2023
GMQE8WNI4AV January 26, 2023
ZKIWJL5RQA1 January 8, 2023
D8MSF3WVPN December 21, 2022
2SZNGQ0V6 December 18, 2022
MHALX95YPFD December 25, 2022
LK2JHTS3CFEP January 24, 2023
CV8ZFLN90I1 January 11, 2023

The best artists from all over the world were able to make the design and characters of this adventure colorful and original. There are tons of different recipes from all over the world, and they are ready to feed a huge number of cafe visitors. Meet Food Fantasy with a lot of different characters, where everyone has their own cool and unforgettable story. You will be interested to know about it. During the passage of missions, it will be possible to change the appearance of your heroes and completely change their image. Let you have the courage to enter into fights between different heroes and, defeating them, players will collect ingredients, and then use them to cook new food. Gradually improve your restaurant and bring it to the world rating so that everyone hears about your cafe. Gather food and food spirits together to make them resonate in Food Fantasy. You can cook such culinary masterpieces as Lobster, Spaghetti and, of course, do not forget about drinks. Food Fantasy – Win a new recipe in battles Players can become trainers, mighty warriors and legendary cooks. You can produce hundreds of different recipes in your kitchen and upgrade your restaurant. Use a lot of decor items and do not forget about modern furniture. Your restaurant will have to become the most beautiful and the best place for visitors to meet here. Learn to feed not only right in the cafe, but also deliver your food in Food Fantasy. If someone refuses to pay the bills, then an unequal battle with the spirits awaits him. Try to get all five stars for the completed campaign.

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