Game Mobile, Guide - Updated on May 12, 2022

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is an updated analog of the simple feature phone popular fun action game. The controls and mechanics of the game remain the same, only the design and choice of resources have changed, which significantly diversifies the path. The in-game shop is full of airships and upgrades for them – a well-earned mod that will help you buy any item, regardless of their cost and the number of points earned in battle war.

The essence of the game has not changed: you will control a spaceship, absolutely destroying everything in its path. The ship flies and burns on its own, you just need to control its trajectory. This will allow you to shoot at the enemy and avoid returning fire. There will be a lot of aliens and enemy shells, while the size of the location relative to the ship is not very large, so the game has received extremely high dynamics.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has prepared a lot of surprises and bonuses in each level: the number of opponents will constantly increase, and after they are destroyed you will be able to collect bonuses that affect the special point of the ship. At the end of each level, the final battle with a giant boss with impressive HP and a large arsenal of weapons awaits you. To defeat him, secondary weapons with higher damage will work well, but you need to use them wisely due to limited ammo.

Download ( V38.1 )
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