Getting Over It MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.9.8

Updated on March 15, 2024

Name Getting Over It
Publisher Noodlecake
Category Game
Version 1.9.8
Price FREE
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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an amazing mix of 2D style adventure and inimitable physics and dynamic RPG. We are talking about a strong athlete who advances in mountainous areas without any insurance and ropes. All that this person uses to climb and overcome various ledges is a huge hammer.

The user will have to competently hit the ground with a hammer and roll on its handle, as if on a pole through various obstacles and abysses. The player will have to act judiciously and calculate in advance the distance and the current strength of the athlete, and invest the proceeds for completing the stage in the development of various parameters of the protagonist.

Start playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and try to overcome the first simple trials perfectly. Just swipe in the right direction and the hero will swing the hammer and hit where it was indicated. Given the speed of the character’s movement and the force of the hammer blow, the athlete will start to take off on the handle and be able to move forward a few meters, in order to then start again to strike and move again.

Of course, the player will have to use different tricks, and the mod for everything open will allow you to improve and use different hammers available in the full version, as well as amazing locations. Try to climb the steep slope of the cliff, use sharp and blunt hammers, pump the strength and endurance of your athlete.

Act tactically competently, try to pass the same tests for a different number of points. Unlock amazing places to climb, participate in online competitions, show real class and win prestigious titles and skins.

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