Codes - Updated on August 15, 2022

Commander, are you ready to demonstrate all your strength and knowledge in the new, unique game Glory of Generals2: ACE? If yes, then quickly install it on your mobile device, and start fighting faster! You have to be not only strong, but also wise. After all, during the game you will need to create effective strategies, otherwise you will not achieve victory!

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
C7BIA03DZV2September 19, 2022
GLAP3WDKX8August 23, 2022
1BMKJEW07October 4, 2022
QPU5D06X9VHOctober 9, 2022
D5Q79B2X1U36October 2, 2022
Q0AEO6I2YLGSeptember 28, 2022

The game is available in different modes, so everyone can choose the most interesting and exciting option for themselves. The game can be played in Campaign Mode, Competitive Mode, PVP Mode and QUEST Mode. Each of them has a number of features that make the game even more fun. For example, in campaign mode, 9 military zones and 87 different missions are available.

More than 70 types of the most modern military units will be provided for your choice. They will allow you to become a winner in the shortest possible time, and to do it spectacularly. Each of the military units has a certain function, using which wisely, you will be invincible. All troops can be reformed and upgraded.

The use of tactical cards during the game will allow you to take a dominant position at the very beginning of the battle. All in your hands. Carefully prepare for the battle, and then the victory will be yours!

Download ( V1.3.18 )
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