Game Mobile - Updated on March 27, 2023

Grand Hotel Mania will satisfy fans of the strategy and quest genre, as well as lovers of puzzles and match-3 puzzles. Users will play the role of the owner of a small hotel and do whatever it takes to transform the base. its headquarters into a giant, luxurious and prosperous establishment. The process will take place in an interactive 2D space and the whole action will be difficult at first, but over time users will master the key nuances and fall in love with the great mix of genres. this modern.

Grand Hotel Mania Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Hotel design and construction

Start designing and building your hotel at Grand Hotel Mania, look at the panel below and see what’s recommended for installation. Attempting to book a front desk and decorate the main entrance, like everything else, will be financially demanding. Book simple and luxurious rooms, because the high-end segment has not yet been unlocked, and then improved many times.

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Various types of business rooms

Set up restrooms and staff rooms, don’t forget the laundry and security rooms, the cafe and bar, the billiards and video rooms. Use the profits obtained to expand your business and conduct various research, and if that is not enough, install a mod to earn a lot of money and diamonds, thereby progressing The hotel becomes an easy and fun adventure.

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Complete random quests

Build the coolest rooms, apply to advertise, and hire highly qualified staff such as maids, security guards, bartenders, accountants, and many others. Complete random quests and quests, get daily loyalty rewards, and unlock awesome for certain achievements. Enjoy a fun process and beautiful design, simple controls and clear navigation, a sea of ​​research, and freedom of choice.

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