Hamster Inn Promo Codes [2024 June]

Updated on June 8, 2024

Looking for exclusive discounts and promo codes for Hamster Inn? Look no further! Save on your next booking with our special Hamster Inn codes that offer unbeatable savings on luxury accommodations for your furry friend. Treat your beloved hamster to a well-deserved stay at Hamster Inn without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on the chance to create a memorable and comfortable experience for your tiny companion. Book now and save big!

New valid for Hamster Inn Promo Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Sparkling diamond necklace 2. Pouch of shimmering gold coins 3. Enchanted ruby ring 4. Legendary armor set
Get Code 1. Diamond-encrusted hamster wheel 2. Pot of gold hamster bedding 3. Ruby-studded hamster collar 4. Money-filled hamster cage 5. Equipment for a luxury hamster suite
Get Code 1. A magical amulet that grants the wearer the ability to communicate with animals. 2. A bag of rare gems worth a small fortune in the local market. 3. A set of enchanted armor that enhances the wearer's agility and defenses.

Hamster Inn Tier List

S Tier:
1. Gourmet Hamster Room: This luxurious room is equipped with a mini-fridge stocked with gourmet treats for your hamsters, a plush bed, and a picturesque view of the surrounding gardens. Hamsters staying in this room will be indulged with the finest amenities.

2. Deluxe Hamster Wheel: This state-of-the-art hamster wheel comes with built-in speed settings, an automatic cleaning feature, and LED lights for a fun and engaging exercise experience for your hamster.

A Tier:
1. Hamster Spa: Treat your hamster to a relaxing spa day with this deluxe pampering package. Includes a bubble bath, nail trimming, and a soothing massage to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

2. Hamster Playroom: This spacious and colorful playroom is filled with toys, tunnels, and hammocks for your hamster to enjoy. It's the perfect space for your hamster to exercise and socialize with other guests.

B Tier:
1. Hamster Dining Hall: A cozy dining area where your hamster can enjoy a variety of delicious meals, snacks, and treats specially prepared by the talented hamster chefs.

2. Hamster Fitness Center: An equipped gym for hamsters to stay active and maintain their health. Includes exercise balls, obstacle courses, and agility training equipment.

C Tier:
1. Standard Hamster Room: A comfortable and basic room for hamsters to rest and relax. Includes a cozy bed, food and water dishes, and a small wheel for exercise.

2. Hamster Gift Shop: A store where you can purchase souvenirs, toys, and accessories for your hamster to take home as a memento of their stay at Hamster Inn.

D Tier:
1. Hamster Potty Training Service: A service that helps train your hamster to use a designated potty area. While useful, it may not be as exciting or luxurious as other offerings at Hamster Inn.

2. Hamster Room Service: A convenient service that allows you to order food and treats for your hamster to be delivered to your room. While practical, it may not offer as much entertainment value as other amenities.

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