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Heli Monsters is a blood-thumping shooter where giant monsters from hell are waiting for you. The girl is in trouble in the middle of the metropolis and only you can help her. Imagine yourself as a true action hero, grab a more powerful gun and start shooting opponents. passing levels, you will receive in-game currency that can be spent on upgrading weapons. Over time, you will equip your hero to the maximum, and now even the most terrible monster will not be able to resist your pressure.

Heli Monsters
Codes Wiki (2024 February) 1.4.0

pIGhVuenxxx Get Codes

All CodesExpiration date
3L9T2CAFB4KApril 25, 2023
FV5Q7KANTUJune 1, 2023
AILXVB0CMMay 16, 2023
0X2MBRST4V7June 9, 2023
CM54B0WHR127May 22, 2023
A8KTNREZ2QBJune 16, 2023
2B9ZUIJNPCHJune 12, 2023
CWZKL73HFEJune 17, 2023
QLTN7GV2PMay 31, 2023
0LXAQTMVH7ZMay 28, 2023
MZTIB21KDSCJMay 2, 2023
1H3P5IZLMVSJune 3, 2023

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