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Hero Defense King is a fun tower defense strategy game that lets you use the powers of your own heroes. Connect to the exciting gameplay and try to defeat all the monsters.

Hero Defense King
 Coupon Codes (2023 February) 1.0.41
All Codes Expiration date
8Y0FETG6D4M February 2, 2023
9N1M2GC75D February 7, 2023
JQ8YVDWRL January 18, 2023
CO9W3G0BQ8P February 28, 2023
U1B3F9PKJYTS January 29, 2023
A4OP8ZVDBK2 January 11, 2023
DTGHFL9X7PW February 12, 2023
XI631BJWMK February 18, 2023
FLEDPCV38 January 14, 2023
A2OUMDG4CKV January 9, 2023
UX9EZ3BHNKCW January 21, 2023
D3LYHPA7MQF March 1, 2023

Get acquainted with a huge number of the most diverse towers, because it will be possible to use them to continue the battle. Try to outdo all enemies in this exciting war. Join the fights in a very intense story mode and get a feel for how difficult everything is. There are about two dozen original and serious towers that can be used. Travel through the forest thickets, visit the icy territories, take part in desert battles and even visit the fantasy world. Try to kill entire armies of monsters and customize the selected hero as you would like. There are tons of items to personalize, and the 3x speed rewind features will give you even more fun. Game features

  • Story campaign mode with endless missions;
  • System of modern features;
  • Missions that use your skills;
  • Dozens of cool monsters armed with superpowers.

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