Codes New - Updated on July 31, 2022

Would you like to play a strategy set in the distant Middle Ages, and which is already being played by millions of living people? Then the game Heroes at War will suit you just in time.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
X2TLMYP9SHD August 23, 2022
SV4F1C6708 August 15, 2022
GT42BA8PW August 3, 2022
UYGRVS57AZK September 20, 2022
RZ1AN5T6E08D August 21, 2022
4UOVZ97H3F5 September 25, 2022

You have to rebuild your personal castle, resorting only to your knowledge and reasoning. Build a castle that will be as impenetrable as Fort Knox. Hire the best and most powerful warriors in order to protect your castle and your possessions from the invasion of neighboring lords, who, like you, crave power and wealth. Be careful, because some of them are vigilantly watching your actions, and waiting for you to rest, they will attack and destroy your castle, killing everyone who tries to resist them, while their Lord will sleep without knowing what is happening in his ward world.

The strategy, like many now, belongs to the category of “build-defend”, and the main goal is to build the most majestic castle. There is no ultimate goal in this game, upon reaching which you can win, pick up the princess and go into the sunset. Although, if you have enough strength and patience to destroy all the lords in the state (this is impossible), then for you personally there is a global goal in this game and you can start implementing it immediately, for everyone else, the meaning of the game lies in a systematic rapid development, the creation of orders and alliances and the consolidation of possessions and positions for themselves.

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