Idle Planet Miner MOD APK (No Skill CD) 2.0.20

Updated on June 8, 2024

Name Idle Planet Miner
Publisher Tech Tree Games
Category Game New
Version 2.0.20
Price FREE
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Idle Planet Miner APK
Idle Planet Miner MOD
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Introduction to Idle Planet Miner

Idle Planet Miner is a clicker game set in a vast universe of space where players can relax and spend countless hours. It offers a delightful way to pass the time and indulge in an engaging gameplay experience.

Exploring the Universe

Players can seize control of space and embark on a journey through numerous levels and challenges. By embracing idleness and allowing resources to accumulate, players can delve deep into planets to acquire valuable resources and rare metals. Hiring efficient miners and expanding mining operations are crucial steps towards success in the game. Idle Planet Miner features a realistic resource system, including ores, alloys, metals, rocks, and more.

Empire Building and Progression

In Idle Planet Miner, players have the opportunity to upgrade their ships and enhance the performance of their employees. The ultimate goal is to construct the most powerful empire in the world and lead it to greatness. The game offers a range of features to support players in achieving this goal, such as:

Key Features of Idle Planet Miner

– **Construction of a Massive Resource Company:** Players can build a thriving company dedicated to extracting valuable resources from planets.

– **Automation Processes:** The game includes automation features to streamline resource collection and management.

– **Abundance of Updates and Additional Items:** Players can expect frequent updates and new items to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

– **Efficient Material Management:** Idle Planet Miner offers convenient controls for managing all types of materials effectively.

– **Enhanced Gameplay and Challenges:** Players can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with engaging gameplay mechanics and challenging situations.

Gameplay Experience

Idle Planet Miner offers a unique blend of idle clicker gameplay with strategic resource management. Players must balance their mining operations, upgrade their equipment, and expand their empire to reach new levels of success. The game provides a immersive experience that allows players to dive deep into the world of space mining and exploration.


In summary, Idle Planet Miner is a captivating clicker game that offers a relaxing and engaging experience in a space-themed universe. With its extensive gameplay features, realistic resource system, and empire-building mechanics, it provides players with endless possibilities for exploration and progression. Whether you’re a fan of idle games or looking for a new adventure in space, Idle Planet Miner has something to offer for everyone.

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