Codes New - Updated on December 10, 2022

Immortal Legend is a new massive MMORPG with great graphics and simple controls. Hunt dangerous monsters and collect unique equipment to make your character more powerful. Take part in cross-server battles, fighting shoulder to shoulder with your faithful brothers-in-arms and get worthy rewards. Check out thousands of colorful outfits for the hero and create your own special style.

Immortal Legend
 Codes Wiki (2023 February) 61.0
All Codes Expiration date
KBGJCHNX3A6 January 22, 2023
3XCN5J6SLH January 21, 2023
LP96SDWJU January 14, 2023
BG61JQ7NP3A February 2, 2023
1B2E97D05O4I January 27, 2023
YR4T9HQSA26 January 27, 2023
EQ1I89VUR6D December 12, 2022
JMQ1VUPGWN January 27, 2023
8PNMTQHK1 December 30, 2022
RJ1KLXF0NSI January 5, 2023
E4CRWTNS2MFG January 1, 2023
9E2TNC0WF7U January 3, 2023

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