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Infinitode 2 is an endless tower defense game with a huge number of challenges and levels. Survive huge waves of enemy monsters and increase your score.

Infinitode 2
 Codes Wiki (2022 December) R.1.8.7
All Codes Expiration date
4FO7XNALVP0 November 25, 2022
6I298ZOKG7 December 23, 2022
36UV2MFCX November 26, 2022
TME6CB4UIKG January 12, 2023
HNJ3L7M9BTS8 December 7, 2022
4D9P36BIKWC November 25, 2022
I8V4MXPS6U5 January 4, 2023
1MEQFD0X5I January 14, 2023
XDQKUMEJ4 November 20, 2022
5O9LZICRF8B January 15, 2023
PDZLS2XJCT3O January 3, 2023
WVE2QLFZ4IG December 8, 2022

Experience the brand new Tower Defense format, where you’ll get to know the new rules. The developers used simplified graphics and streamlined the process to create this great strategy. Now even owners of simple smartphones can play tower defense. There are more than a dozen types of various towers that can be placed on the map, as well as the same number of bosses. Destroy enemies and increase your score. Users can move through teleports, overcome barriers and collect an incredible amount of materials. In total, Infinitode 2 has already come up with more than 40 colorful and exciting levels, and additional quests will become available. Champions will constantly change on the leaderboard, and maybe even you can get there. Features of the game Infinitode 2

  • Dozens of different types of towers;
  • Lots of bosses to destroy;
  • Creative editor of locations;
  • Specially prepared music tracks for each card.

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