King of Defense 2: Epic TD Codes [2024 May]

Updated on March 15, 2024

King of Defense 2 is an epic sequel to the popular strategy game with cool new characters and features. Tower defense has become even more interesting, and here you will have a chance to show all your gaming skills. Build defenses however you like, experiment with skills, issue orders to loyal warriors and defeat countless invaders. Different modes will not let you get bored, and high-quality graphics and effects will give you unforgettable emotions.

New valid for King of Defense 2: Epic TD Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Legendary Sword of Power 2. 1000 gold coins 3. Rare Diamond Amulet 4. Exotic Ruby Ring of Protection
Get Code 1. Legendary sword with immense power and unmatched precision in battle. 2. Pouch filled with gold coins, shining with prosperity and wealth. 3. Jewel-encrusted crown, symbolizing rule and majesty over the kingdom. 4. Magical amulet granting protection and strength to the wearer. 5. Rare gemstone infused with mystical energies, enhancing magical abilities.
Get Code 1. A legendary sword forged in dragon fire, enhancing your hero's power and domination on battlefields. 2. Uncover a hidden chest filled with rare gems, each granting unique abilities to boost your defensive strategies. 3. The king bestows a generous sum of gold, a precious resource to reinforce your towers and hold off enemy waves.

King of Defense 2: Epic TD Tier List

Sure! Here's a tier list for the game King of Defense 2: Epic TD:

S Tier:
- Golden Knight: A powerful melee attacker with high damage and health.
- Lightning Wizard: Deals area damage and has high DPS, making it essential for crowd control.
- Ice Queen: Slows enemies and has good crowd control abilities.

A Tier:
- Sniper: A long-range attacker with high single-target damage.
- Fire Dragon: Deals area damage with a fiery breath attack.
- Earth Golem: A tanky unit that can soak up damage and block enemies.

B Tier:
- Poison Archer: Deals damage over time with poisoned arrows.
- Thunder Tower: A versatile tower that can target both air and ground units.
- Frost Tower: Slows enemies in an area, making it easier for other towers to finish them off.

C Tier:
- Acid Spitter: Deals splash damage over time to enemies in its range.
- Bomb Tower: Deals high single-target damage with a chance to stun enemies.
- Wind Blade: A fast-attacking melee unit with high critical hit chance.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of each unit can vary depending on the level and the types of enemies you face in King of Defense 2: Epic TD. Experiment with different combinations to find the best strategy for your playstyle!

King of Defense 2: Epic TD Codes FAQ

FAQ 1: What can I use gift codes for in King of Defense 2: Epic TD?

Answer: Gift codes in King of Defense 2: Epic TD can be used to unlock special in-game items, resources, or upgrades to help you defend your kingdom more efficiently.

FAQ 2: How do I redeem gift codes in King of Defense 2: Epic TD?

Answer: To redeem a gift code in King of Defense 2: Epic TD, go to the game's settings menu and look for the option to enter a gift code. Simply enter the code provided to claim your rewards.

FAQ 3: Where can I find gift codes for King of Defense 2: Epic TD?

Answer: Gift codes for King of Defense 2: Epic TD are often distributed by the game developers through social media channels, newsletters, or special events. Keep an eye out for announcements to get your hands on these codes.

FAQ 4: Do gift codes in King of Defense 2: Epic TD expire?

Answer: Yes, gift codes in King of Defense 2: Epic TD may have an expiration date, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible to claim your rewards before they expire.

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