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King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves is a game for those who cannot live without sea adventures and have always dreamed of becoming a pirate. Every day the best fight here in the most exciting battles and try to take possession of all the awards in the world.

King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves
 Gift Codes 2022 October 0.9.539
All Codes Expiration date
H769ITN2UB0 October 17, 2022
TIEMQ50O94 October 1, 2022
B5HY6E7C4 November 27, 2022
MPO8BYE92HI November 18, 2022
OWPEV5SM7Z8J November 9, 2022
4ADI0KUTHVO October 15, 2022
LVJSYDZ4N8P November 20, 2022
WG7PTV4LF5 November 22, 2022
XGJ65QDC1 November 9, 2022
RNH2J54F1WV November 6, 2022
2L9AOE3NXF6J November 9, 2022
Z7IGALS5J94 October 24, 2022

Travel back to the eighteenth century, when legendary ships with pirate sails plied the seas and oceans. Here the player will get a very pleasant experience from the opportunity to take part in historical naval battles on the most famous seas of the world. By becoming a member of King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves, players will be able to conquer the Caribbean known to all pirates and deal with their competitors there. Use all your naval power to deal with other pirates and destroy them by ramming your ship or boarding them. Any realistic features of that era will now be available directly on the screens of a mobile device. It will be possible to capture absolutely any ships in King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves, such as corsairs, privateers, or the pirates themselves. Try to board even a military vessel and get a lot of treasures for your success. Connect to the multiplayer game mode and fight the best pirates in the universe in the fight for a huge amount of gold. King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves and spectacular pirate battles If you decide to become a pirate, then you are waiting for several interesting modes, among which there are even team fights side by side with your friends. Each new naval battle will bring a lot of fun and be as intense as possible. Travel across various islands and try not to get hit by enemy cannons. Properly assess the chances of success in any confrontation, otherwise, if you lose, you can lose all the resources and your ship, not to mention the team. There are currently over twelve different ships available in King of Sails: Sea of ​​Thieves, including even the Caribbean legend, the Flying Dutchman.

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