Codes New - Updated on July 16, 2022

King’s Empire is a rather interesting strategy game that combines a pleasant interface with a pleasant soundtrack. The game is popular among many gamers who are ardent fans of online strategies. The ratings of the game are striking in their numbers, judging by the data, about eight million players around the world “use” this strategy. You have to become the leader of your people, collect your empire and conquer the whole world with your army. The game contains a number of features, among which you have to prepare your army for an attack from opponents; planning legendary battles to bring them into the hall of fame; arming their soldiers, which are represented by wizards, foot soldiers, cavalry, archers and many others; exploration of the mysterious dark moment; trade in resources; win historical battles against powerful enemies; find various technologies to increase the production of resource, defensive forces.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
C03SWA7OMVJ August 7, 2022
KOANSIP30T September 8, 2022
K97RUZ31P August 24, 2022
NBP621YHCFE September 13, 2022
X0QER14SJN8K July 24, 2022
LQXHC8DJM1O August 18, 2022

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