Knighthood - RPG Knights Gift Codes [2024 June]

Updated on March 15, 2024

Knighthood is a great opportunity to create your own fantasy hero and upgrade him to the maximum level. Then you will travel and fight against terrible monsters.

A beautiful 3D game made in a fantastic style. You will enjoy such a high-quality atmosphere, a huge number of possibilities in the process of passing through a fantasy world. Each Knighthood player can customize their character and do an incredible amount of customization with it. Get ready to experience the thrill of passing this amazing game and think over your own tactics. Every day, tough battles between different mythical creatures take place in the arenas, and the most insane chaos is happening around. Show all your fury in such battles and try to get the most out of the game. Upgrade your hero and use the most reliable equipment for him. Do not forget that the weapon will also need to be improved, otherwise the enemies will not receive uranium from hitting them. Most likely in Knighthood you will be called a real leader and king of a fantasy world, but before that you will have to go through incredibly difficult missions. Knighthood Battles in 3D Take care of your knight and improve all his characteristics to prepare for the upcoming duels between the real horrors of the fantasy world. The player will be able to improve and promote their own legend, and then along with it will have epic duels in the style of a turn-based game. Gather a whole army of such warriors to take part in unrealistically cool fantasy later. You can really explore the world in Knighthood endlessly, because finding all the lost treasures is unrealistic. Equip your knight with modern weapons, put on armor, then he will be ready for the most intense battles.

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