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Legend of Blades is an interesting IDLE-RPG where you have to explore deep dungeons filled with hordes of monsters and deadly bosses. Gather various resources and valuables, upgrade equipment and become stronger.

Legend of Blades
 Redeem Codes (2023 January) 202108310953-apk
All Codes Expiration date
UODIWXY4K7G January 3, 2023
DP4UO8XITR January 20, 2023
MB1YHFTCS February 5, 2023
6CW7JPRVTMU February 12, 2023
7IBPR602SOW9 February 7, 2023
CP6YDV5WZGK February 25, 2023
AJ7130HTCUY January 1, 2023
5WOJI9LMHU March 1, 2023
ZU8EXD4G2 January 26, 2023
5YSGPAM4NI3 January 2, 2023
O2PMNI1YDTGX February 20, 2023
N8W57FQY6LO February 16, 2023

After gaining several levels, you will be able to use additional characters, which will increase your power and income. Have you created a strong enough team? Try your hand at PvP battles or join a guild to fight for control of castles and resources.

Game Features:

  • relaxing gameplay with automatic combat;
  • advanced system of hero development and equipment upgrade;
  • convenient and clear interface.

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