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LiNing Jump Smash 15 Badminton – this sports game will immerse you in the world of badminton. Grab your racket and go to the virtual stadium, play with bots or your friends.

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Choose one of 30 characters, customize his characteristics and go to the court to win medals and titles. Management in the game is very simple, and you will comprehend all the subtleties of the rules in a special training mode.

And then send your character to one of the available stadiums and play badminton in a mode convenient for you. There is a single player mode where you will play against a bot. This is a great way to earn extra money for inventory and a new racket. There is an online mode where you will play against real people from all over the globe. And there is an opportunity to play badminton with friends. Moreover, for all of the above modes, the possibility of playing a couple for a couple is also available.

The game is amazingly designed. Detailing at the highest level, and not only the players, but also the backgrounds. Separately, the animation should be noted: the jubilation or disappointment of the characters is so realistic that it is impossible not to empathize with them. Who can remain indifferent, snatching a victory from the opponent under the enthusiastic roar of the crowd?

If you are close to the spirit of sports competitions, then this game is especially for you.

Download ( V1.3.10 )
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