Loop Hero Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 8, 2024

For players seeking an edge in the popular game Loop Hero, access to codes can provide valuable opportunities. These codes may unlock rare items, boost resources, or reveal hidden secrets within the game. By entering these codes, players can enhance their gaming experience and progress more efficiently through the challenging levels of Loop Hero. Stay updated on the latest codes to stay ahead in this captivating and strategic adventure.

New valid for Loop Hero Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Golden shield for defense bonus 2. Bag of gems for trading 3. Enchanted sword with power boost 4. Pouch of gold coins for upgrades
Get Code 1. Legendary sword 2. Pile of gold 3. Rare gemstone 4. Enchanted armor 5. Bag of diamonds
Get Code 1. A legendary sword that deals extra damage to bosses. 2. 1000 gold coins to aid in your kingdom's reconstruction. 3. Precious gemstones that grant magical properties to your equipment.

Loop Hero Tier List

Tier List for Loop Hero:

S Tier:

- Rogue: The most versatile and powerful class, able to quickly deal damage and dodge enemy attacks with ease.

- Vampire Mansion: Provides excellent healing opportunities and can help sustain your hero throughout their journey.

A Tier:

- Warrior: Solid all-around class with high health and good damage output, but lacks the speed and evasion of the Rogue.

- Grove: Provides valuable support in the form of summoned treants that can help tank damage and deal additional damage to enemies.

B Tier:

- Necromancer: Great for summoning minions to fight for you, but requires careful strategy to keep them alive and producing damage.

- Cemetery: Offers a steady stream of skeletons to bolster your forces, but can be overwhelmed by stronger enemies.

C Tier:

- Thief: Decent damage output but lacks survivability compared to other classes.

- Desert: Provides unique challenges with sandstorms that reduce hero health, making it more difficult to survive.

D Tier:

- Beacon: Provides bonuses to adjacent tiles but is generally considered less effective than other options.

- Battlefield: Spawns stationary enemy camps that can be challenging to deal with, especially for classes with lower health pools.

Overall, Loop Hero offers a variety of strategies and challenges that can be tailored to different playstyles. Experimenting with different combinations of classes, cards, and tiles is key to finding success in this addictive and engaging game.

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